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    Affiliate FAQ's

    Can anyone around the world become an affiliate?

    Yes, we love seeing our products worn all over the world.

    How to contact a representative for questions regarding affiliate program?

    Please contact with any further questions.

    How does the payment system work?

    With our affiliate system, you are visually able to view your sales and the commissions you have earned. Once your account is created and your PayPal has been connected, your earnings are able to be sent instantly and securely. Earned commissions are primarily sent out on a weekly basis. Any request for commissions to be sent will gladly be possible if legitimate sales were earned. 

    Can’t receive your commissions?

    It is crucial that you properly link your PayPal account through our affiliate link. It is the only way we send earnings to our affiliates. Without properly linking an active PayPal we are not able to send you the commissions earned. It has been proven to be one of the best ways to establish security for both parties while dealing with online transactions. Sorry if this is an inconvenience but safety and security is a priority for ourselves and the brand. 

    We are glad to help anyone who emails for assistance.